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Do a google search on “patin couffin” It appears the this is used by many applications and is a ide control application. I could not find a site that went into details just on patin couffin, so if anyone finds one please post as I would like to learn more about it. I found sites of many products that use it and seem to remember a site to download it to use in applications, but I am no programmer and was at work where I could not download it anyway. Also my old brain misses a lot.




I searched a lot when I had a problem on my system but could not find more than what you got. But I had the impression that this is a VSO freeware product so maybe portmac knows more. Sorry if I got it wrong.


This is the definition that I found and the driver is listed as freeware like the install program is freeware. Patin-Couffin access layer is required device I/O interface for various application so you do not need to force the other drivers to run. Patin Couffin is an alternative to Adaptec’s ASPI. The term ASPI is an acronym that stands for: Advanced SCSI Programming Interface. Operating systems and programs use ASPI drivers to communicate with ATAPI and SCSI devices. The files contained in an ASPI layer are also used in systems that don’t contain a SCSI adapter, or SCSI devices… for things such as ripping CD audio and burning CDs.

However, many people prefer Patin-Couffin access layer because:

  • ASPI is a registered trademark of ADAPTEC, which mean that we must pay to use or include ASPI in our software, and can’t guarantee we will have the right to use it indefinitely.
  • ASPI is UNRELIABLE, because there is more ASPI distribution than we can count. Some are very serious and stable, other introduces bugs and problems we can’t cope with.
  • ASPI does not provide a mechanism to obtain exclusive access on a given drive. this is needed to have a reliable read/write operation.
  • Patin-Couffin Layer act faster on drive.
  • Most ASPI layers are not plug and play, does not support hot plug and doesn’t see units on USB, or firewire buses.
  • and so on…

Not sure if VSO is freeware or not but it needs patin couffin to operate.



Most of VSO’s softwares are not free but the Patin couffin engine itself and VSO Inspector (also includes Patin Couffin) is.


Most burning programs use VSO and I think purchase through VSO who also supplies their own line of products. I stated searching to learn more and possibly find what may be conflicting with some burns. I did learn that VSO was the first to have the function to burn DLs. I have come to believe that about 90%+ problems may be due to bits and pieces of old drivers that have been left behind after uninstalling CD/DVD programs. Next week I hope to have enough to post in the for help sticky. I have found information on Microsoft’s site about the importance of cleaning the registry but don’t want anyone to start playing in their registry thinking it is a simple fix. MS includes their own drivers, easy CD creator drivers, and Nero drivers as a reason for drive errors and how the old junk is led behind when updating. Most of us have played with several programs from what I have read, but even a newbie is likely to have a lot of junk in the registry because of programs that come on some computers.