For Ide Error, Mast/slave Switch Problem See Here

Hello guys, i’m an italian user with the nec master/slave laptop problem (PIO mode with no DMA or “Ide error”)

The only REAL solution is the pin soldering into the burner (or the cable). Very easy operation, i’ve make the soldering with this guide:

[HERE]( ATAPI interface connector for laptop and slimeline cd.htm)

Use a pen solder like this: PEN SOLDER

And (VERY IMPORTANT) use also the soldering paste like this: PASTE

The soldering make the burner “CABLE SELECT” instead of MASTER or SLAVE

Tested under a ND7550A, now the bios recognize the burner and windows sets ultra DMA mode!!! No 100% CPU usage, fast transfers and burns!

Only cons: the warranty lost BUT if you make the soldering under the external cable the warranty is safe :wink: