For Fengtao and Ting

I have tried a test with an older version and the new one. I could not figure out why I could not make a copy of a copy I made with DVDFab Platinum. I found out why. I have two DVD Players, a LG and a Apex. The Apex will play anything I put in (or would) put not one from the newer versions of DVDFab. So I reloaded version and made a copy of one of the older purchased DVD’s that I have that would not have the newer codes. And it would play in my Apex player. And would also load in DVDFab Platinum to make another copy if needed. So between version and the now version beta, the leadin or what ever has changed so that they will not work in al DVD players or cannot remake a copy of a copy. I hope Fengtao and Ting will fix this back.

Fengtao and Ting, I hope you will look into this to see what you have changed on the lead-in on the newer versions as it will not be recognized by all DVD players that once did. I had to remake about 25 copies using Nero so they would play in my DVD player (Apex).

Just updateing this to keep it on top so they won’t fotget to fix in new update.

Have you changed the Book Type, which is the lead-in, in your newer versions? I could play a copy that was made from a copy awhile back with your programs. Now I can’t. Please tell us (me).

Are your common settings set to SPTI and SAO writing. Some stand alone players can be very picky. I have 3 a Liteon, a Sylvania, and a Magnavox and sometimes one will not play a burn. I use TY -R 4X media. Try to scan one of your burns with a scanning program.