For all you stupid people out there!

Just looking though this:

and at the bottom…

  1. Do not eat iPod shuffle.

Phew that was close… Nearly ate it…

Are people really that stupid that companies have to tell them things like that :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Oh well, provided me with a comical moment :iagree:

That’s probably for kids that have access to that website while parents not monitoring. Better be safe then sorry, special with these big companies…

I wonder what apple’s ipod shuffle tastes like …

Thats a very clever ad-trick. It emphasizes how small it really is. Hence it is smart :stuck_out_tongue:

Apple was once one of the leaders in DVD recordables. :wink:

OMG :eek: :bigsmile: :cool:

Nice comment, smart marketing :slight_smile:

What went wrong? One bite too many? :slight_smile:

Apple PC, though not called PC sometimes, used DVD recorders (for computers) and those accounted for quite a large percentage of total DVD recorders shipped. But soon Philips and Ricoh made 1st and 2nd generation DVD+RW drives and Dell and HP became the largest PC vendors of DVD recorders. Later, NEC and Pioneer. Now, LG (HLDS) is the largest.

Yes, Apple tried to bite too many at once. Hmm… Newton as well. Now, HP, Sony, LG, BenQ… these are the biggest leaders in PDA and most of the portable computing markets are owned by Chinese-Taiwanese companies. Once Apple also had bigger profits and revenues than Microsoft and Intel. Now Apple seems to concentrate on iPod. Before Apple, the portable audio player market was lead by iRiver, a tiny company made up of primarily engineers. Instead of replacing Intel, Microsoft, and HP, Apple replaced that tiny company in still another market.

BTW, most audio players based only on memory chips are as small as that. Even my MP3 phones are not that big.

Are people really that stupid that companies have to tell them things like that

Hungry Americans just cant be trusted! :smiley:


Unless the ipod shuffle is under $100au / $80… not much point.
I’d rather get something with SD/MMC expansion & no memory.
SD is coming down in price…
I can get a basic MP3 player for $45 & a 1GB SD card for a little over $100 (sent from shanghai) which doesn’t have the DRM limitations that the IPOD has.

If I want to play songs that I don’t own cd’s for, tis my business, not a companies to mind for me :wink: People will just work around it, and it just annoys them.

Mmmmmmmmm should I eat it with ketchup or mayonnaise?

I don’t understand? Apple computers (G series) have always been fitted with a Pioneer DVD recorder…? So what’s the story…?

No, it’s the stupid law that allows stupid lawsuits over non-existing stupid disclaimers. If for instance, some stupid user would buy the iPod, eat it and get ill because of it, he could sue the company for stupid amounts of money.

What kind of jackass would eat a iPod shuffle and then sue? :bigsmile:

Any parent that likes their kids :wink:

I thought it was just a joke.

What do you mean? What story?