For all you Plextor fans

I was just in Best Buy (Brick and Mortar) buying some of the Fuji TY’s that burn @ 16x on my NEC 3500 when i spotted the Plextor 716A on the shelf. The price was 179.00 USD.
Just a heads up for you Plextor fans !!


And you didn’t buy it? Buy it for me and seeend!

Where do you live?

I live in Bethel Park, PA, USA, right outside of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. No way would i pay that for the Plextor when i can get a Pioneer AND my NEC for that !! LOL


AND have enough left for 50 Fuji DVD’s LOL


I thought it wasn’t going to hit stores until the 1st or 2nd week of November. Damnit I couldn’t wait that long so I got a Plextor 712 to test out!!

Hostile_Monk, you need to get in your car right now and head for Best Buy…
Give us the scans when you get back…:stuck_out_tongue:

Yup going to pick one up for me now at BestBuy. I will have it installed in bout 30 min.

Jamos noo! Damnit you get all the cool stuff first. jtommyj, I’m jumping in my car and driving to PA now! How long will it take to get there from NC? LOL

I didn’t see it on the bestbuy website, does anybody know how to check to see if it’s available?

Well, I guess you don’t know what you are missing. When I bought my first Plextor (a 12/20), I figured it was potentially the biggest waste of money I could possibly think of.

I would probably think just like you, had I not bought one. I too have a LiteOn S401, which could be modded to the drive you have, I too have a Nec burner, I also have the 166s (or is it the 163s?), as well as some other burners. The reason why I have a Plex-Collection as well is the perfection of the product. A Plex-712A is perhaps 40% more expensive than a similar drive by some other manufacturer. How much time does that equate to? 2-4 hours of work, depending on your job. How much time does it save you? At least for me, the time saved is far more than the time invested. (Not by burn speed but QC!)

I can understand that you rather buy two drives and a spindle instead. I’ll be using my 712a till the 716a (or the 720a?) is down in price or the DL discs are down enough, then I will pay whatever ist costs. And I will then be delighted to muse over the question of how to distribute my 4 Plex drives among my computers to get optimum service out of them. Plex is a philosophy, you either subsubscribe to it, or you don’t.

Well I just called my local bestbuy, (if 40 minutes is local) and they don’t have it! Can I pay someone to go pick one up and ship it to me? Pleasse!

Sorry for the crazy post count in this thread. I just got excited like a happy school girl! But then I realized I would have to wait to test it out.

Please proceed to post the glorious scans and fast times of the new plextor drive. I will just sit and wait…in envy!

Yeah, I’m sure they are great drives but when i’m getting excellent scans on my NEC,why would i get another drive > LOL. It’s definitely not the money if you take a look at my system specs. I’ll wait for the next generation that (hopefully) does 8x DL and save my money toward that one instead of one that doesn’t do what i do really any better or faster. If i did get one i’d wait for Newegg :smiley:

No disrespect was meant to Plextor just wanted to give u guys that are hardcore the heads up. I’m no more for one brand or the other just don’t need another burner since i just got this NEC last week.

I will be interested in the scans tho.


I guess I’m a day late and a dollar short again. I just returned from my local Bestbuy also after purchasing some Fugi TY’s and CDR’s and saw the 716’s(4 units). They were so new that a price had not been placed. After asking, was told $179.99.

Going from the Japanese PX-716A page, it looks like the only 8x media that can be oversped to 16x on this model is Yuden T02. I deduced this as it only has two manufacturers listed for 16x speed, Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi Kagaku. MCC004 is out, but I don’t think Yuden T03 is, and the drive touts the ability to overspeed some 8x +R to 16x.

It’s been 1 hour Jamos, how about some scans! hehe

$179… Damn! Even Plextor site says $149 MSRP…
Well… get it now if you can!!! come back again in a month for price adjustment, refund etc LOL

Ok got one installing it now…going to do side by side scans with the 712 which will probably go back to store if it is as good as this one. They had 4 in stock in columbus oh.

DMA 66 interface is nice for multitasking and burning at 16x. :wink: