For all you Cheap Canadian Freaks

Dont know if anyone seen this deal already. If not, perhaps some of you guys can pick them up at the store.


I’m not sure about the media code. I guess they’re CMC MAG M01, which isn’t that good…
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I went to futureshop and they did a price match and i got those for only $15.49, but they are really bad quality. The +Rs are cmc mag m01 and the -Rs are cmc mag am3, very horrible media, especially the -Rs so i took them back and exchanged them for regular memorex dvd+r media which turned out to be Ricohjpnr03 which isn’t bad at all.

I really wish there was a way to tell the difference. I tried to get more RICOHJPN R03 and it ended being CMC MAG M01.:frowning:

Done! :slight_smile:

I think all the non printeable memorex are +Rs 16x are Ricohjpnr03. Just get em to pricebeat the printeable ones, buy em at $15.49, get the -Rs and then go back and tell em that your burner isn’t compatible with -R and you wanta change em for the +R and this time don’t get the printeable +Rs but the regular ones, they will most likely be Ricohjpnr03.

Thanks, but unfortunatly all my Memorex is non printable, I lucked out and got 1 25 pack of RICOHJPN R03 and the other identical cake boxes were CMC MAG M01.:wink:

Do you have a scan of the burn just to show the bad quality?



Thanks Dragemester! :clap: More power to you :bow:


Worth buying?

Yes, if you have a Lite-On 1635S or 16*P6s drive.

Not really when you consider the following:

20 pack of Verbatim D/L DVD+R for $30CDN+tax (I believe they are at the futureshop starting on the 8th). Yeah, it’s a bit more expensive but when you take a look at the scans in general that people are getting with these CMC Mag D/L discs IMHO it isn’t worth the relatively small price difference.

These both were burned with pio111d@111L firmware 8.26. The cmcmagam3 was burned at 16x and the cmcmagm01 burned at 12x, which are the maximum allowed.

I don’t know about other people, I am getting excellent burns with Philips-branded 8x DVD+R DL from Future Shop.

Here’s another disc burned by Lite-On SHM-165P6S at 6x.