For All Uk People! Amd Price Cuts Here At Last!

Well a few e-tailers still have the old prices, for one, others such as ebuyer, and novatech have the new price cuts on NOW. I just got an amdX2 4600 for 160 pounds, as opposed to around 306 at amazon. :clap:

Moved this to the Bargain Basement :wink: - a lot of us UKers do look in here :slight_smile:

I’m surprised we got the cuts here in “rip-off” Britain. :eek:

selling very quick

Well, when you translate quid to USD, UK manz are still getting bare skanked.

this looks like the deal

jeses. Well ebuyer seems to have a fair few 4600’s. :bigsmile:

Now why am I not surprised :bigsmile:

hey, i couldnt care less personally. 169 is still a hell of alot better than 300 pounds. :stuck_out_tongue:

The sellers seem to think $1=£1. :rolleyes: :doh: I often joke with a bud of mine that lives in the UK about that. :bigsmile:

haha, what can you do.

It could be worse. you could live in Australia. I hear that they pay more for most goods than any other market in the world (electronics at least).

Something is shipped across the pacific, then across the usa, bought, then shipped to australia cheaper than buying it in australia(even accounting for vat and currency conversion).

Seems to be a backward highly protectionist trade strategy.

Personally, I think it is a bunch of greedy corperations rulling the world… They can buy the law in any land… Even here in the US where we get great prices, we can get grey market good cheaper (and in ther original country they had full waranty). But it doesn’t work that way, so grey market good are grey market (guess what, they are the same but the companies manipulate the extras to make you pay more)…
Its a world wide what ever the market will bear stratagy, and they have defanatlly learnedto compensate for our world wide ability to comunicate.

bah, both ebuyer and novatech are sold out. I’ve just ordered two and will cancel whichever isnt ready first.

I picked up the 4600 X2 at Mwave for under 200 shipped.

So who is it protecting?

It makes about as much sense as a poodle in a miniskirt to me, here.
Well, I’m off to see the wizard …