For all having problems try this

I have been using fabdvd platinum now since the old 2 series and upgraded to the 3 series when it became available. My system is compaq presario pentium 4 / 2.8ghz / 512mb ddr / 80gb internal 7200rpm with dvd writer +r/+rw 8x and second dvd rewriter phillips dvdr 1640 16x. I have NEVER HAD ANY MAJOR ISSUES. I have checked the box so that automatic updates are disabled. I have blocked dvdfab with mcafee from accessing the internet. this is down purely to control updates. To check for latest updates i then access this fantastic forum which lists when latest updates are available. Clicking on the link will take you to a down load site where you download the update onto your pc. once all downloaded close internet connection and any other programs running on your pc. click on downloaded file and install as directed your pc will asked to be restarted allow this and it should install over the old version and ready to use without having to worry about uninstalling older versions and i recommend you save your key in a safe file on your pc.

Great advice about storing the very in a safe place. I have mine saved several places including a web browser email that I can open on my burning computer that has no pop 3 email programs and very few other programs.