Football Manager 2007 Copy Protection

I have read that the copy protection for this newly released game Is Safedisc 4; the same as FM 2006. I made several working copies of this game last year for use around the house easily.

I was wondering if anyone knows how difficult it is to copy this years installment? The same as last year, or is there something else for me to worry about? :sad: #

I’m using CloneCD (registered) by the way. Please tell me it’s OK! :d

i managed to make a full copy of the disc. But funnily enough, the installation does not work. But the image itself is good for playing the game on daemon tools. Quite strange.
It is protected with safedisc 4.6

I need help. The latest patch updated the Safedisc and I cant get it to work anymore.

I use s4hide/yasu107 and Alcohol 120% latest version.

Welcome Johnsic,

CD or DVD version?


Follow this guide I added the CD part today it should solve your problem. Which SafeDisc version is used now (scan the .exe with ProtectionID) and which update version did you use?

wouldn’t there be a patch in CD copy world? Its legal to use if you have a legit copy. Though they don’t have Diablo II patches, my D2 disks are in pretty bad shape.