Football Manager 2006

Hello everybody, I’ a newbie

I’d like to make an Image of Football Manager 2006, so I won’t instert anymore the CD.

But I don’t how, because I always have a lot of errors


Read errors are normal. It’s part of the copy protection. Just be patient and let the reading process proceed and complete.

I’ve used Alchool 120%, and I’ve let the process proceed. Then I’ve mounted the image on the drive, but it doesn’t work.

Check the copy protection with A-Ray scanner or Protection ID. If it’s safedisc v. 4.6 you may need a 3rd paty utility such as sd4 hide to run the game from a virtual drive.

A-Ray said that the protection is SafeDisc 4.00, what can I do?

Use alcohol 120% to copy it and use demon tools to emulate it.