Football Manager 2006

Hi all
this is my first time on here so be forgiving please if these questions have already been asked.
I have a legitimate copy of FM2006 and am trying to make a back up copy. I have read through posts on here and have installed clony xxl and alcoholl 120 % etc but am having major probs. The cd protection is safedisk 4 but cloney xxl reports it as safedisk version 2.51?? This confuses me. I am using a TDK cyclone cdrw and a Phillips DVD+RW824 on XP home. I tried to make a disk image using nero but it kept saying my fm2006 had errors and aborted, this is odd as i can still install and play the game using the disk. I would be very grateful for any help whatsoever.
I hope you all had a merry christmas and wish you all a happy new year!! :slight_smile:

Clony is outdated as it has not been updated for years. Use A-Ray scanner instead.

As for how to copy the game which I presume to be a cd rather than a dvd version, I suggest that you check out the tutorial section.

Also, just to get you started, you can’t use nero for this (or most other copy protected games) and if you use alcohol don’t worry about read errors as they’re normal for dafedisc protected cds. Just be patient and let the reading process complete.

Thanks for the reply mate. It is a cd version of the game. I will give your suggestions a go and I’ll keep you posted.
Thanks again.

Cheers for the help mate, I have now gat a fully working back up game disk. I uses Clone CD to do all the work.
Once again thanks and Happy New Year.

hi i’m new to this too, ive tried to use clone cd to copy fm2006 but it keeps telling me it cant gain exclusive acces to my drive???
anyone help me