Football manager 2006 safedisc



i scanned football manager 2006 and the protection is safedisc 4.6.
I tried copying with clonecd ,latest version, and emulation but i get hte error ‘please insert correct cdrom’. Is there anyway to copy a game protected with safedisc 4.6 or not? i read something about mini-images, is that the solution ? please a simple explanation ,i’m new at this


Is it a cd or dvd version?


the cd version


The ability to copy a safedisc 4.6 protected cd is very much dependant on the capabilities of your hardware. Very few systems are capable of doing so successfully.

Tell us what burner/s and any other cd/dvd rom/s you have and we’ll see what we can do.


i have a plex premium and wondered if it would be possible to backup this game


Use Alcohol’s SafeDisc profile, mount the image using newest DTools and try using Y.A.S.U disabling your optical drives if it’s not working disable them in the device manager. You can burn the image as a data file using Nero, etc… It’s not a classic backup but it’ll work.