Football Manager 2005

Im trying to make a backup of the above game, I used Alcohol 120 to make an image using safedisk 2/3, (2.9 was found using ClonyXXL) After I made the image, I burned using the same protection. But, the backup wont work, neither will the original, it says “cd/dvd emulation detected, insert CDRom” says this even on the original, does anyone know how to make a backup that will work, I have CloneCD 5.1, Nero 6.6 and Alcohol 120%

Thanks a lot guys!! :bow:

The error message you are getting is due to blacklisting. I suggest you update all your burning software. ie, Alcohol, CloneCD, Daemon Tools. Nero won’t be causing it, so you don’t have to bother updating that one.

Hiya, found out it was CloneCD 5 that was at fault, I uninstalled it, and the original ran perfect. But when Ive copied the game using Alcohol 120 1.9.2 using safedisk 2/3, the copy still doesnt work, any ideas??? Just found out using A-Ray Scanner, its actually Safedisk 3.2, anyone help me???

Use the latest CloneCD along with the Protected Game profile. Make sure Hide CDR Media is enabled.