Foot pedal operated CD player?

I need a CD player that can be operated with a foot pedal. Does anyone know of such a unit?

Thank you

The foot pedal would be needed by me for at least the play/pause functions.

by cd player do you mean a cd rom drive for your computer?

there are many accessories designed for video editing that are customizable and could probably be configured to do what you want. I can’t think of any companies that makes USB foot pedals off the top of my head, but i have a USB jog wheel that I use for video editing with 3 or 4 buttons on it that i can configure to do pretty much anything including play/pause media. i assume the same could be available in pedal form.

you’ve failed to provide much information so that’s about the best i can do.

if you’re talking about computer drives, focus more on accessories rather than the cd palyer itself.

if you’re talking about a home stereo type cd player then i have no idea dude.

if you are in fact using a computer, i’m curious as to why a play/pause foot pedal is necessary when most programs have spce bar as the default play/pause button…it’s just as quick and simple to tap the space bar as it is to tap a foot pedal and I can’t thikn of any activity where your hands would be too busy to play/pause.

as you can see, i’m very confused about your purposes and aim as I’m sure many others are as well. maybe if you describe your needs more fully we’ll be able to help.