Fooling around with old CD's

Yeah, the vacations are on, and I have surely nothing to do, so…I look on my Audio CD-R collection and realise that most of them won’t be useful anymore…so I grab a marker and do this. Then, I put the CD into my SOHW-1693S and do this.

Hardcore stuff, huh? :wink:

(Yes, I’m certified paranoid. The only way of getting me turned on is seeing such KProbe graphs.)

Can you certified paranoid :stuck_out_tongue: maybe do another experiment? Scan before and after marker artwork :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Curious to see differences :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

No problem, I just have to find some another useless CD’s, and that won’t be easy this time, 'cos when I was making artwork this time, some of it was too rough and the CD just wasn’t readable. That’s how most of the discs landed behind my cabinet.


mine landed in the bin before that. :stuck_out_tongue: GOod Work!

Yeah… I’ll do one now :slight_smile:

What I have learned is keep the ink away from where the TOC is located and it’ll read it fine…

wow… this is quite sweet… will post what i put on the disc tomorrow as I only have my phone camera and g/f has laptop atm…

Here is the before scan (why it has an error and a 600 PO i dont know :S only time it has ever happened lol…)

I’m here, curious to know results :bigsmile:

see edit above for before image… after is quite interesting…

Right… Bad news is that disc above didnt work at all… so am doing another one now.

And here is the result after I decided to stop it on Nero (it wouldnt finish properly)