Fooled by the cakebox!

The last time I was in a local Staples I saw a spindle of HP 8x DVD+R (50 discs) that looked noticeably different than the others. It was in a Prodisc cakebox, while the others were in obvious CMC cakeboxes (if you don’t know the difference, Prodisc cakeboxes have a lower upper lip than CMC ones, and the fonts used for “OPEN” and “LOCK” are different from each other). Since HP spindles are on sale this week I decided to grab that one spindle. I assumed it would be PRODISCR03, though admittedly I haven’t heard of HP using that media code. To my disappointment, it turned out to be CMC MAG E01. :doh:
I have no idea how CMC discs got packaged in a Prodisc spindle. Oh well, at least they burn well on my PX-716UF.

Kind of like the Memorex using the TY style cake boxes…those weasely bastids…

just dont eat the cake full,keep me some :smiley:

im not a cakebox style expert but even if the style aint what it seemed to be
you cant really blame it on that, you decided to go on adventure and buy a cakebox you never bought before so… yeah you arent exactly happy but it was never a sure thing

and to Hawseman , as you probably know all ty is japan made so just look in what country its made in next time your after a ty, dont relay only on cakebox design

Memorex cakeboxes aren’t really like TY, at least I don’t think so.

The new Memorex packaging is very similar…wide base.

I’ve never taken a chance on packaging…I stick with MIJ’s or Verbs.

Or just stick to unbranded TY. I really don’t understand why people keep taking the gamble with name brand media. Sure you can save a few bucks here and there but most of the time it turns into more of a headache than it is worth.

Hey, live a little and experiment with some other media! As it stands, the HP CMC discs burn just as well as YUDEN000T02 on my PX-716UF, from a PIE/PIF standpoint at least. Who knows about longevity. Buying branded Sony +R, TDK +R or -R, or Fuji +R/-R made in Japan isn’t really a gamble anyway; it’s always TY media, and you don’t have to wait for/pay for shipping.

I’m with you Jesterrace… The only time I ever buy branded media is when the 16X Verbs are on sale at Best Buy. Other than that, I buy unbranded TY from Supermediastore and unbranded (OEM) Verbs from NewEgg…