Fool the free webspace providers

I just posted the article Fool the free webspace providers.

inssane used our newssubmit to tell us about camouflage, a utility to camouflage files. This software can be very handy when you want to put MP3 files online. Of course you only put your own not…

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hey DoMiN8ToR when I tried it I have to enter a pasword. Which is it ??

Cool prog.Know it already for some months :slight_smile: I have already seen some mp3 sites which use this prog. for uploaded mp3’s. It’s also good for preventing other sites to steel your links :wink:

OOPS pw is inssane :stuck_out_tongue: and it contains some files about ; DivX MPEG-4 Codec install ; Version 3.2.200 Beta ; Kristal Studio =============== Note: u can also use other filetypes to camouflage !! :4 (asf, avi, … ??)