Foobar2000 burning problem

Say I’ve been using Foobar2000 to burn gapless mp3 to audio cdr’s and also to burn cue/ wav, flac, or ape to audio cdr. The discs play perfectly in the computer but when I try to play them in the car or in my harmon kardon home player they do not play properly. They either do not play at all, take a minute or longer to start playing, skip alot, or other problems. Normal store bought silver cd’s play perfectly in the car and home player. I noticed this problem only after I started using Foobar2000 because I did not want gaps between files that shouldn’t have gaps. Nero burned the cd’s with a very minor gap even when I put to 0 sec. the gap, but the Nero cdr’s played fine iin the car and home player.

What is Foobar doing differently when it burns compared to just using Nero and can I fix it so my discs play properly? How can I analyze the discs to see what is going on?

Well I think I found the problem. It seems about the time I started using Foobar2000 to burn cd’s I also had upgraded nero to version 8 something. Apparently the new nero engine is the problem as I tried burning a cd with just nero and it was no better, even though before nero burned fine (was version 6!)

I downgraded back to and all of my worries are gone :clap:

Plays perfectly now burned with Foobar2000 (which uses the nero engine.) Somehow they screwed up over at nero at the basic level with the engine and not just all of the fluff they added…