Fonts in mp3

when i download mp3 from foreign singers like russian or israeli and i play them in itunes or winamp, i cant really read the name of the song or any info about the song. i get this weird giberish and i think the problem is with encoding of the fonts or something weird like that.
how do i fix this problem?

If you go (in Winamp) on Options -> preferences, in the entry Playlist there is a checkbox Use skin or language pack font. If you uncheck it, you can select a font that supports e.g. Cyrilic script. Or Unicode, which should take care of both cyrilic and hebrew. The other way is to try and get a language pack, and I am not certain of how’s that - I haven’t had to use that.

i have the latest winamp and cyrilic font is not there. neither is hebrew and neither is unicode.

Install support for these languages in the windows Language control panel - winamp will follow suit.

I’ve previously experienced similar issues with chinese.

I use a font that has the cyrilic script inside by default - like Timok. I don’t know if that works for hebrew though.