Fonit Cetra



I’m trying to rip a couple of Fonit Cetra discs. WMP11 plays them, but is not able to rip them, referring me to an “unknown” problem. WinAmp say it is ripping them — and skitters down the track list like it was an Alpine speed run — but all it does is set up a folder to hold the tracks (no tracks!)

Can any one suggest software that will deal with these Fonit Cetra discs?


Hi and Welcome!

you might try

[li]ExactAudioCopy[/li][li]Perfect Rip[/li][li]CDEx[/ul][/li]I consider neither WMP nor Winamp as useful for ripping audio CDs.



Thanks for the suggestions. I tried CDex and it worked just fine. :clap:

Then, as these things go, WMP wouldn’t recognize the CDex WAV files (even after an Add to Library search!). So I burned them to disc and then let WMP rip them as WMA Lossless right into the WMP Library.

Strange thing about these particular Fonit Cetra discs though. Both were mastered/remastered in the 1990s — and some other Cetras have ripped normally.

Thanks again!