Follow up on - Setting Layer Break

I am sure this has been done but I did a bit of experiment. Someone please tell me if this is wrong. OK, I was trying to figure out the best way to backup dual layer movies onto my dual layer media.

I have been using DVDFab PLatinum’s “Clone” feature, and IMGburn. The Clone feature uses the original layer break, while IMGburn chooses what it believes to be the best option.

So, I used the Clone feature on DVDFab platinum to make an ISO image of the original and set it to desktop.

Clone shows the layer break at 2056224 (should this be the original)

While IMGburn gives me these two options.

1747950 -> 1851008


2056170 -> 2056176

The second choice that IMGburn gives is awfully close to the original isnt it? Does this tell anyone anything? Why doesnt IMGburn offer the original as a choice?

If someone wanted to use original layer break, could these Platinum’s Clone feautre to create a desktop ISO, then IMGburn to burn that ISO? Platinum’s ISO doesnt contain an MDS file, does it matter?

Thanks everyone.

It is much safer to use ImgBurn’s build mode than to burn an ISO made from something else (not saying that is wrong - there are probably gaps in the original and the ISO has these gaps in it). ImgBurn will select LB taking into account all the rules and the filesystem which it builds. It will oftentimes differ by a few sectors. Obviously the second one is the original LB.

Without previewing it, I’d pick the 1st one - it is closer to 50/50 on the disk (leaves room on the vulnerable outside of the disk). Of course, a preview will show you if this is pleasing to the eye (although the cells are seamless and you won’t notice it anyway).


Thanks Blutach.

Does IMGburn always give the original as an option for layer break? I can see how not everytime the original wouldnt be best, but the people who made the movie decided the original was best?

As for the preview, when you click preview cell, right where it starts is where the second hald of the disc begins, right?

Again thanks.

The original will always be displayed unless you have added content to the DVD to make it an illegal point to break.

The preview shows the start of the cell at the break. So if you go back to the end of cell 1 the break is exactrly at the end of cell 1. This way, you can judge if it’s a good position to break.

And don’t trust the studios. Sometimes, their mastering is atrocious!

Anyway, all this is irrelevant if your players can play seamless layer break.