Follow up of DivX ;-) - 3ivX

I just posted the article Follow up of DivX :wink: - 3ivX.

Submitted by: N.B.

Let me inform you about our new MPEG-4-based codec called 3ivx. You probably heard of DivX :wink: as a movie compression format. And indeed it’s…

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wow another one !

this sucks… i already have most of the movies in 3 formats…argh don’t need a 4th one. dead link… damn i hate all that codecz … i have now also 3 codec installed … divx 3avi and another one… fuck … and so can install a 4th one
damn no I’m not happy with this dead link?
don’t think so…

DivX Codec Optimized to Create 3ivX

Nieuwe codec é la DivX zal dubbel zo goed zijn

Who cares ? DivX sucks donkey balls, and so will this “format”.

They only solid formats regarding digitally encoded movies are MPEG2/DVD and MPEG1/VCD.

I don’t need a better codec than DivX. On slower PCs(

SONNOVABITCH! my posting’s been eaten!

so … divx sucks donkey ballz (???) … i guess not … i rip myself & i can tell no vcd will ever beat my divx-dvd rips (on 2 cds each) …

also i dont know why u all complain about installing new codecs ?? are u all such lazy pigs ? i mean installing the divx codec takes only two clicks so where is the prob ?

well ok quicktime suckz …

CU LATER … (i guess i suck donkey ballz too ?!?)

??? stmok ??? posted a message at wednesday 10th januar ???

who will be my follow up

divx sucks, sound synchronisation is way too bad maybe 3ivx will solve these tiny problems

Did you guys see the Matrix Trailer done in 3ivx?
Its good…Its in Quicktime, though…yuck…
But I wish someone will introduce a program which is fully optimised and compatible with ALL codecs. That way we don’t have to keep up with downloading and updating multiple codecs…Its a pain in the ass.

Sound synchronisation? That’ll be a pproblem with the encoding, then. A shoddy encoder, be it software, or person :wink:

Keep the audio at 48khz, and you’ll be fine.