I am trying to find out if something is possible in creating a DVD presentation to be shown on both a standard DVD/TV player and a computer…

I would like to show a video and as the video plays, put up an icon/picture that the viewer can select, will take the viewer to “behind the scenes” information. When the “behind the scenes” information is complete, it would return the viewer to the “departing” point in the video.

I’ve read something about a movie called “The Matrix” by warner Brothers that might do this (called “follow-the-rabbit”).

Is this possible? Is it practical, or do you need a movie studio and Bill gates budget?

Thanks for any help you can offer!



i know the monty python holy grail dvd has this, you can select the white rabbit, you know the killer one, and it will take you somewhere. I don’t remember if its more video or just text info, i don’t have it, i only rented it.