well I guess this is why you buy quality PSUs… corsair’s rma department is johnny on the spot, it took them less than 24hrs to approve my rma and 8 days (5 business days with the holiday weekend in there) after I dropped my toasted psu off at the post office I had a brand new full retail packaged hx650 on my doorstep :smiley: got her all buttoned up today and it fired right up with no issues (well other than windows informing me it was improperly shut down:rolleyes::p)

thanks corsair :bow::bow::bow: :clap::clap::clap:
now back to folding :bigsmile:

I burned up two OCZ 700w PSU’s, yes Sparks & Smoke, before I figured out that everyone serious here uses Corsair; so I bought one last year and never had a problem, see below for what it is powering.

Since I just added a second ATI card in Crossfire, I’m working on getting F@H up on both to see what kind of performance boost I can get. I want to run Folding@HOME at about 20% overclock 24/7/365 on both video cards running two installations since Crossfire and F@H don’t play together. It looks like this can be done by actually duplicating the currently installed client running on GPU 0, essentially creating a second installation and running it on GPU 1. I am using the instructions from F@H here that appear to be pretty straightforward (to me at least).
F@H moves out of the way whenever GPU is needed for other applications but I’m interested to see if I get any Crossfire conflicts when this happens.

I got a performance bonus at work in 2010 and again in 2011. I’ve been spending a little of it on upgrades and future-proofing so I need to update my sig:

Raging PC (Homebuild with Tehsi):
GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P Motherboard
Intel E8500 3.16GHz
mushkin 4GB DDR2 800
VisionTek Radeon HD4850 1GB 256-bit GDDR3 PCIe x16 in X16 slot (NEW! in Crossfire with:)
POWERCOLOR Radeon HD4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCIe x16 in x8 slot (old)
WD640GB SATA Hard Drive times 3 (added one)
Iomega 1TB USB External HD (NEW)
CORSAIR Enthusiast Series CMPSU-850TX 850W ATX12V v2.2 / EPS12V v2.91 SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active
…After killing two, yes two, OCZ GameXStream 700W ATX12V PSU in this rig
Antec Nine Hundred Case
OS Windows 7 x64
This one is running World Community Grid at 100% CPU 24/7/365 (application shared, uses whatever CPU that applications are not)

HP in basement (Franken-build on HP Original Chassis):
ASUSTeK ‘P4SD-LA’ Intel Pentium 4(HT) 2.80GHz,
Seagate 320GB HDD
Western Digital 500GB HDD
Seagate Barracuda 120GB HDD external in Plumax
2GB Memory
Realtek AC97 Audio
HIS Radeon X1950Pro 512MB GDDR3 AGP (NEW)
BenQ DW1655 (BCIB, no mods), Liteon SOHD-167T (9S1B)
OCZ StealthXStream 500W ATX12V PSU (NEW!!, since OCZ sucks, I have the two warranty replacement 700W replacements in reserve for this)
Windows 7 x32 (NEW)
Wore out 2 HP400i burners and a Liteon SOHD-166 reader in this one.
This one is running World Community Grid at 80% CPU 24/7/265 whenever the computer is not in use.

I managed to get a separate F@H client running on each video card. Two things of note:

After getting a “at present your gpu is not supported” message when trying to run the client on the second card, I had to right click the desktop, Personalize, Display, Change Display settings, select the second card, and manually choose Display device on: VGA. And it was the second Display Device on: VGA choice that worked, not the first. Weird. There may have been a reboot after all that.

I am going to have to do something to get free air in between the two video cards and also where the second card fan and the PSU fan are about 1/2 inch apart. GPU temps at 57C on card 0 at 100% and 54C on card 1 at 50% where before I had 53C on card 0 at 120% and 42C on card 1 at 0% (or 54C on this card at 100% when it was the only card). The fans on the Antec 900 just aren’t in the right place. I need to put an exhaust fan in the side panel and attach a plenum to pull the air out of that specific PSU/Card1/Card0 stack area.

Icy Mt

Those temps are about what my double is running, With 2 GTX450’s mine is 56 and 45, been running that double for about 6 months now with no problems.

Happy Folding

Thank Bean,
I am picking up an Antec Tri-Cool 120mm fan for the side panel on my way home today. I have a plenum to drive a bunch of external air right into the coffin corner at the bottom rear, right on top of both video cards and the PSU. I have a 2-3 C temperature rise overall in the case so I need to pump some more air in there. I want to get Card0 back to 120% and Card1 to 100% without overheating the cards or the whole rig.

Antec TriCool ($3.99, three more LED’s woohoo) on high with homemade plastic plenum dumping right at the fan side edge of teh top video card:
HD4840 Card 0, running 96% load, overclocked 20% -> 54-56C
HD4850 Card 1, running 96% load, overclocked 0% -> 54-56C
CPU/Case Temp w/ CPU on 90% WCG. was 41C now 43-45C
Other 4 Antec fans on medium as before.

I’m going to clean off the CPU cooler radiator; it looks a little dusty between fan and fins. Increase in weekly F@H results for Tehshi forthcoming.

Tehshi= average is about 1500 a day and about 11,000 a week now.

So you have about 5 fans running on it now.
What I did was cut a big circle out of my side plate and glued screening on it to help keep out dust. Got 1 fan in front and the one in the back and that’s it.

Antec 900 case, 5 fans, check. The side panel came stock with a screen and mounting for an additional Antec TriCool fan. 3x 120mm fans pushing in, 1x 120mm and 1x 200mm pushing out. 3,066 in the last 24 hours and 5,110 in 48 hours since getting both GPUs up. Looks like production will be close to 2x. CDFreaks Folding Team moving up from 175 to 173 in the next 30 days.

Team awachs with one member is currently at 41 but will be 27 in 30 days as they are posting up 93,644,992 points [I]per week[/I]! Our whole team is only doing about 1,100,000.

Team awachs with one member is currently at 41 but will be 27 in 30 days as they are posting up 93,644,992 points per week!

Yeah It must be nice to have a classroom full of servers running, or at least that’s the only thing that I can think of that would put those kind of numbers up.

From what I could find, his name is Anthony Wachs and he works for IFP Energies Nouvelles. Apparently, he has access to a 17 TERAFLOP supercomputer (IBM’s Watson ran at 80). There’s a thread about him with some good links on the EVGA Forums.

In other news, I did some customization on the side panel fan plenum last night (avoid the rear fan, don’t press on the Crossfire cable, dump out just past the top card fan. This morning I checked after leaving it alone for 8 hours and I was back at 41C on both CPU cores and a stable 55C on both GPU cores.:cool:

Sounds Great Icy Mt :iagree:

I knew it wasn’t a home set up :bigsmile:

And hello again :bigsmile:!!!

Setting up my new rig for GPU use with F@H, it seems that the Radeon HD 9670 is not yet recognised in their GPU whitelist in the GPU3 clients :\

So, downloading FAH7 Open Beta 4 :D!! Wish me luck :)!

And happy to be back :bigsmile:!!!

Ok, all set and running, one single slot on GPU Radeon HD 6970, but the sensor is giving me a temp of 76-80° C at 100% and 73-80° C at 80% GPU power, how bad is this :S?!

I have a Corsair XT850 PSU and a Circle case with 7x12cm fans on full power… Do I need to buy a separate on-VGA fan or cooling system?

Hmmm… I can’t seem to get the temp below 80° C even if I’m folding at 20% GPU without pushing the GPU fan beyond a constant 60% power :(!!! I tried to search the local PC market for GPU cooling fans but they’re all out of stock and won’t get more until specifically ordered, which will take a couple of months at least to be delivered… That’s what I call pure crap :frowning:

I’ll finish the WU I have right now, and will put the F@H GPU work on hold, my card is not yet officially supported by the stable releases, and I feel it’s even taking a bit longer than normal to crunch!! And maybe it’s something to do with Beta itself that causes this unnecessary overload/overheat… But I really feel sad… I couldn’t wait to get started and now… Maaaan :frowning:

Does anybody have any recommendations that won’t get me broke? I heard there was some external cooling fans from Thermaltake for Radeon HD 69xx cards, did anyone use anything similar? It should be around or less than $100, I can’t really afford anything more expensive for now as I’m still paying for the desktop itself :…

Any hints, tips or recommendations are truly highly appreciated :bow: :bow:

I put a $13 Thermaltake on an X1950 and brought it from 66C idle to 36C. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything from Thermaltake for the 6970. Try these:
BIFROST VD1065 HDT Twin Fan VGA Cooler for $55.99 at MicroCenter

Xigmatek says it works with the 6970.

In stock at Newegg for $40.

I had to update the ATI drivers to 11.12 to get id’s new game, Rage, to work on my system. Unfortunately, the F@H cores will not run now. I’m getting this:
[05:00:17] Starting GUI Server
[05:00:17] Run: exception thrown during GuardedRun
[05:00:17] Run: exception thrown in GuardedRun – Gromacs cannot continue further.
I’m stumped because I don’t see anything in my installation that has anything to do with driver versions. I may have to go back and reinstall F@H to try to figure out what I have done wrong.

And lets give a BIG That Away to adict2jane

Made it to 2 MILLION Points and still climbing


Good going my friend :flower:

Hurray! :iagree: :iagree:

[QUOTE=bean55;2625697]And lets give a BIG That Away to adict2jane

Made it to 2 MILLION Points and still climbing


Good going my friend :flower:[/QUOTE]

Yeah congratulations adict2jane. :clap::clap:

I can only dream about numbers like that. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!
I didn’t even notice, haha. I recently put a couple of quads periodically on the new v7 SMP client and they are putting up insane numbers. Other than that, I was running a Quatro FX1800 for about a month. Besides that I have an old P4 3.06Ghz northwood in my lab that I have been running almost non-stop since November 2nd 2007. I think it had a 2.4Ghz CPU for at least the first year however. I just checked and it has just finished it’s 1798th work unit! Not too bad considering that current work units take about 12 hours for it to complete!