Just for fun I searched the F@H site to see if cdfreaks had a team…turns out we have 2! one team has been contributed to by ONE person and the other has never been contributed to :doh: F@H is a worthy cause, and folding becomes quite fun and addictive as you move up the ranks. I propose we take one of these teams and push it to the top! This community has a lot of weight behind it (not to mention some awesome rigs :wink: ) and I think we could storm the ranks while having fun, some friendly competition :wink: , and benefiting a worthy cause.

more info on F@H:

Team #1 “CD Freaks” ID# 13505

So, what do you guys think?

Stats Page Folding @ Home -
Stats Page @ FAHStats (more in depth) -

Sounds like a plan when I upgrade my beast at Christmas.

I used to do SETI@home on the OcUK team (Overclockers UK).

one of the great things about F@H is there are no minimum system reqs. there are thousands of people folding with P2s and P3s (even a few with P1s), so your P4 will fold decently (and make a nice dedicated folding rig once you upgrade :wink: )

as a preliminary guess, it looks like team #13505 will be the one to go with, I PM’d [B]BadReligionPR[/B] to see if he is the creator and to let him know about this thread

I joined a F@H Team a few months back, seems like a good cause to me :). The teams here never got any members, and with the cdfreaks community ya think it would have.

Yeah, maybe we can give the CDF team a new lease of life :wink:

@jwill427 - yeah, I could even do it before I upgrade (and that’s a fine occupation for this beast when it’s my secondary PC, thanks for the idea!) - I did SETI without problems on a Duron 600@850 MHz back in the day. :slight_smile:

You’re right, that kind of thing is fun and addictive - we had great fun moving up the ranks at OcUK.

For those worrying about an impact on the PC’s performance, don’t worry the client runs in low priority mode. did testing awhile back. Read about it here. I run it 24/7 on a PIII 733 with 458MB of RAM and a AMD 1500+ with a 1GB of RAM and surf, run apps, rip, encode/transcode and burn with no impact on performance at all :smiley:

I’ll think about it, and I might add myself to the first team (the one that’s already got a contribution) tonight. Anyone else with me?

after some further investigating, I think we should definately use the first team as there is a broken link on the second team that we cannot fix without the person who started that team (don’t know about everyone else, but broken links just bug the hell out of me :bigsmile: ).

[B]Arachne[/B], could you delete the “Team #2” line from my first post so no one adds themself to that team by mistake :flower:

Hehe yep, I can do that :slight_smile:

thanks :flower: :bow:

here are some more helpful links for everyone

download the F@H client (windows, linux, and mac OSX):
(sorry I forgot to mention this before, but gamers should use the “text only console” version as the “graphical client” causes issues when you try to play openGL games)

how to run F@H on dual core/multiprocessor machines:

general FAQ:

remember to add your user name and team # 13505 in the configuration :smiley:

Good info :smiley:

Hehe, I had to use “Arachne_CDF” since Arachne was taken by someone else…DOH! :wink:

that imposter, how dare he! :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: just noticed your sig :cool:

You too, huh? :wink:

now whos gonna fold my laundry???

(hee hee)

I am thinking about setting up my previous rig (an Emachines, 3400+ cpu) do to this full time in March. Gotta get some extra $$$ for a new MB (damn locked BIOS’s) and CPU cooler for it and some memory for my current one so I can replace the 2gb that I pilfered from it.

Yeah, when I replace this one, I expect this one will be a full time folder after Christmas.

cool! I am also very close to having a dedicated folding rig just from extra/free parts I have laying around…all I need is a mobo, CPU, and PSU…and I almost had a mobo the other day! Newegg had an open box ASRock dual VTSA 775 (conroe compatible!) for $26 shipped, I should have ordered it right then, but I waited till the next morning and it was gone :sad: :doh:

Doh! Indeed :doh:…I’d have been all over that :iagree:

Is anyone else unable to retrieve a core from the server at the moment? My client is just sitting there doing nothing but telling me “Could not connect to work server”.