Folding@home: which client are you running?

Zevia mentioned something in the Folding thread which got my curiosity going…so who’s running what?


Edit: added/edited options :wink:

Windows SMP client on all PCs now.

Was running VMWare/Ubuntu/Linux clients on XP 32bit but switched to Windows SMP client due to system slowdowns.

How about a Poll?


Jeez gimme time to type out the options :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Linux SMP client on both PC’s
Vista 64 bit/VMWare/Ubuntu 64bit on Main PC1
Ubuntu 64bit (native) on PC2

ROTFL!! :flower:

Welcome to the team imkidd57! :smiley:

Did I miss something? :eek:

I wondered what imkidd was doing in here - welcome to the team if you’ve joined us! :smiley: :flower:

Funny, given imkidd’s profession, I was gonna ask when he was gonna join :bigsmile:

great idea for a poll Arachne :clap:

right now I’m SMPing in Suse 10.2 (dual boot), for some reason VMware was making my rig unstable even when it wasn’t running :doh:

when I do go into windoze its running 2x console

I was running the linux console on my spare parts, but they’re back in the closet now waiting for me to stop procrastinating and sell them :stuck_out_tongue: (I just know as soon as they’re gone something will crap out on me :stuck_out_tongue: )

I was also running the windoze GUI on my P4, but it has been shifted to WCG :wink:

Linux SMP client
XP Pro 32 bit|VMWare|Ubuntu 64bit

Credit goes to zevia :wink:

Why not the SMP client in Windoze?

its still a little too buggy for my taste, and I don’t really want a password on my windoze account

Ah yeah it’s crashed on me twice. Luckily I lost no work :slight_smile:

It is a bit annoying having a password on my Windows account, but nothing really major (for me).

I’ve never had a single problem with the linux client, and back when I first got my dual core I ran smp for weeks at a time without rebooting or restarting the client, pretty impressive for a beta :iagree:

hopefully when the v. 6 clients come out there will be a big improvement for winsmp

EDIT: w00t another one finished as I was typing :cool:

To avoid typing password during Windows startup:

Also check post#11 with no password but I haven’t try it yet.

I’ll say, that is impressive :)…yeah, looking forward to seeing what the v6’s are gonna be like :iagree:

LOL nice one :clap: :cool:

Edit: thanks zevia :wink:

no clue and don’t have any idea how to find out

Do you have a little red gear shaped thing in your taskbar? Or does F@H run from a command line?

Used Before:
Windows Graphical Client
Windows Console Client
Windows SMP Client
Linux SMP Client

Currently Using:
Windows Console Client x2

Will Be Using:
Windows XP running VMWare running Ubuntu 64bit running Linux SMP Client

Lots of Windows CLI clients.
One Linux CLI Client.
One Linux SMP client.