Folding@Home New Member Introductions and Welcomes

:clap: Congrats to jhtalisman on submitting the first WU :clap:


hope I did this right :stuck_out_tongue:
I figured since there have been so many new members there should be a sticky for them.

Link: List of new members for the week

Woooo, nice one jhtalisman :clap: :bigsmile:

Just installed the software myself :slight_smile:


I don’t get it, my computer is number crunching now…but there’s all stuff about deadlines and work units and stuff I don’t get. Can anyone explain?

Also, my username is Chriso_CDF due to some cheeky git nicking my nick :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome to the team [B]Chriso[/B]!

here is an explaination of how deadlines are set:

you really don’t need to worry about them too much as they are more than long enough to allow just about any computer to finish in time, they are just there to make sure everything keeps flowing smoothly :wink:

here is the scientific background on folding:

happy folding :slight_smile:

Sexy_Southerner…added to the team

Woohoo! :clap:

Another WU and member! :clap:

FoMoCo - I’m guessing that’s you, jwill427 :bigsmile:

P2056 Gromacs Core. 724/5000. I was working on another one (was 2/3rds finished) until my son restarted my PC and it lost it (don’t know why).

hehe, guilty :o :bigsmile:

currently my A64 is crunching p2133 frame 41500/50000 and my P4 is on p2053 frame 1250/5000

@[B]jhtalisman[/B] was it by chance p2414 that conked out? that one gave me trouble a few times, it would just dissapear when it was 2/3 to 3/4 done :confused:

I just thought I would let you guys know that this thread got me involved and I have it running on three PC’s and I have finished one wu. I hope we can get a lot more members to join.

welcome to the team [B]ccbadd[/B] :clap:

looks like we’re off to a strong start :iagree:

Sweet, this looks like it’s really starting to take off!

Nice one ccbadd, welcome to the team! :bigsmile: :clap:

Uploaded my first work unit at some point this morning!

Cool! :clap:

Apparently my first one will finish sometime tomorrow. Hey, I was never on time for anything :bigsmile:

Has anyone got the Linux client to work?

The linux version just fires up wine … and then shuts down again, even after changing the permissions.

My little Athy 1800 Linux box is on 24/7 doing … err … light duties … which leaves alot of CPU cycles unaccounted for.
My Beast (X2-3800+) is only usually on when I’m using it.

I have now got two work servers & my work PC running it :wink:

A P4-2.0Ghz … on 24/7 … used as a file server for a few files only … very light duties :stuck_out_tongue:
And a P4 3.0Ghz … on 24/7 … also a file server, used alot more.

What fileserver needs more than a smidgeon of CPU time? The CPU’s just sit there & idle while the HDs churn!

And my Work PC - X2-3800 … on for approx 10hrs/ day :wink:
Lots of free time there :wink:

welcome to the team [B]debro[/B]!

I have neither a dual core nor a linux box, so I’ll have to point you towards the F@H wiki :o

how to run F@H on linux

running on a dual core (this is much more detailed than the dual core link I posted a few days ago)

hope this helps :slight_smile:

hehehe, just saw your edit, thats a lot of CPU power :bow:

Woohoo, Debro joins! :cool:

Just installed F@H on the new PC, let’s see how she goes…:slight_smile:

welcome to the team [B]jamcgrif2[/B]! :clap: