Folder wallpapers

I’m running win xp pro and is there anyway to put a wallpaper for the background of my folder?


How do you do this? :confused: I know there is a way – what that way is escpaes me right now. I’m surprised somebody hasn’t gotten back to you yet…

I do know that there is a way to change the picture on a folder by right-clicking the folder, selecting properties, clicking the customize tab (if there is one – it doesn’t come up for all folders) and then slecting choose picture under the folder pictures category, but I’m afraid this isn’t what you’re looking for.

If not, I hope it points you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

hi guys,

right click on the folder you want to change the wallpaper, then click on “accommodate” ( I got german xp pro, translated it from the dictionary sorry if it’s wrong:) ) it’s the third think at the top right and there I’m able to change the wallpapers for each or every folder.

Nope, i’m pretty sure you’re only able to change thumbnails with that. And the word “Accomodate”, the folder is named “Customize”.:slight_smile:

right click-properties-customize you can just change them with defined wallpapers, you’re right $CyBeRwIz$ :slight_smile:
my mistake;), by the way what are thumbnails:confused: