Folder Structure

Hi everyone,

I use DVDFab Platinum mainly for copying the main movie to hard disk for use with my HTPC’s and was wondering if there was any way of preventing DVDFab from putting the DVD files in the current folder structure

…\Main Movie(movie name)\VIDEO_TS

and instead just put the DVD files loose in the folder I select in “Target” on the main DVDFab screen. This is because this is where my HTPC software is looking for the DVD files when I do a media import so at the moment after copying a DVD to the hard disk I have to manually copy the DVD files from the current VIDEO_TS folder into the top level folder and then delete the remaining folder structure from “Main Movie” down.

I have looked in the “Common Settings” and cannot find anything but was wondering if there may be somewhere in the registry that could be edited to change this behaviour.

If this isn’t possible then I may add it to the feature request list. I know it isn’t a big issue but it would make it more streamlined in the way I use it.

Many thanks


Hi Russell! This type of output is not an option because it does not conform to the standard structure of a DVD but I can see that it would sure save you some time. Is there no way to “trick” your device/software into looking into a VIDEO_TS folder?

Hi signals,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I can probably configure my HTPC software to scan any folder structure, the problem is that I currently have hundreds of DVD’s that are in the current folder structure and would have to change them as well. The reason that they are in the root folder is that I used to use DVDShrink, and there was an option in that to not create the VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS folders.

To be honest, it would be ok if DVDFab created the VIDEO_TS folder directly under the target folder instead of in …\Main Movie(dvd name)\VIDEO_TS. I don’t need the DVD name in there as I’ve already created a folder with the name I want.

I appreciate your point that this would not conform to the standard structure of a DVD and I wouldn’t want this to be the standard setting, however I just thought it would be usefull if this was available as an “Common Settings” option just as it was in DVDShrink.

As I said before, this is not a big problem and is something I can easily live with but I will put it in the “Feature Request” thread and see if anything comes of it.

Many thanks


Good to see you in the forum again. Maybe Fengtao can work something out on this. Other users too have requested a more flexible output naming option, I think myself among them. Somewhere in the feature request thread is the wish for a checkbox or dropdown to “accept DVDFab default naming” or “put files here:”