Folder splitting software

Hi folks.

Does anyone know of any (preferably free but not essential) software that will take a large data folder and split it into DVD-sized chunks in preparation for burning. That I have found there is no burning software that will do this for you.

I burn project files for archiving purposes and to date have been splitting these folders up manually into 4.5GB chunks. This really becomes a pain when people don’t follow the 256 character standard.

I have tried one tool (Burn To The Brim) but this moves files rather than copies them - stuffs up the original source files. The other one I tried to download was DiscSpan but this isn’t an executable as I expected. Ideally the result should reflect the original folder structure but this is not essential.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


IDK about the newer versions, but the Roxio that came with my laptop could do that.

Thanks olyteddy. I’ll investigate Roxio.

@ Wellsy,

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Both the WinRar ( and WinZip ( will split an Archive File at any size you chose.

Also the ImgBurn ( software program can split a file to any size you desire burning the Burning process. The ImgBurn ( software program is an extremely smaller software program than the bloated Roxio software.


Thanks bjkg.

I have finally found the sort of tool I am looking for. This little utility has been written by Sergey Oboguev and a link to download it may be found on the following page -

The tool allows you to identify both source and destination files, the size of the resulting folders (eg CD, DVD or custom) and has a single push button to clear the destination folder once finished. Also the resulting folders are number 1, 2, 3 etc etc.



Try the free 7zip.