Folder Prob

there is dvdfab folder and dvdfab textdocuments all over my c: drive
why ?

and i cant chance it when installing or in settings… ?

im using DVDFab Platinum V.2.8.2

is it the same with the newest version ?


You need to set it to delete temp files after burning. The others ar text files that contain burn logs, crash logs, or error log. You can open them in Write and delete them unless there is a problem. If there is a problem, you can zip them and email to fengtao. I usually keep some good burn logs or error logs so I can compair them whe I have a problem. I know you can delete the files in the Temp folder, but that folder is used when copying.


[You need to set it to delete temp files after burning]
? its the default mode…so all ready set to that

and about deleteing the text file…they just come back

so you dont have a solution ???

if all apps. do the same as dvdfab you will have a totaly messed up c:drive
dont get it
when installing… you sellect a install folder…why dosent all the dvdfab stuff stay in there…like ALL other apps.


in all other apps. the LOG & the TEMP is in the install folder