Focus or tracking error



Just bought a MSI DR4-A ± DVD Writer and i`m havin problems with it. First Nero compilation ended with the error “focus or tracking error”. Help me, please, is it a hardware issue or maybe i did something wrong? The only thing i can think about is the fact that the media was a DVD-R, i chosed to make a multisession disk and Nero was offering only the option disk-at-once. The error happened during lead out. I attach the error log.

Burned a couple more of disks, nero said the compilations are succesfull but the when i try to open it, " please insert a disk to drive E " :confused: Help me, please, should i return the DVD RW ?


Well you could check Ahead’s site to see if your burner is supported. You might also try getting a real version of Nero 6, your log says “Nero version:”.


Ive just uninstalled nero6 and installed instead the bundled version( i think its 5.5 or something) of nero that camed with the dvdrw, bought some dvd+r and a dvd+RW and tried again. No problem writing those discs in multisession or finalizing the disc, so probably my writer has an incompatibility with those disks, Verbatim DVD-R 4x ( or it cant write DVD-R media,this would be very sad, cause MSI sais it`s a dual writer). Now i just have to buy 1 or 2 DVD-R media, different brands to see if the problem persists.


i have a dr8-a2 dvd rw i have had the same message i also get eide command aborted really annoying