Focus or tracking error



I have a LG GSA-4120B fw 117.Tonight I tried to burn a dvd and the dvd burner returned “focus or tracking error”…5 times,with 2 different media verbatim and ritek G04.The recorder is “finished”?What can I do for this?Thanks
P.S. Kenshin,would you be so kind to help me?:slight_smile:


You said you’ve tried it with different media?
So i guess, it would be ready for rma :wink:


rma?what is rma?


Return Material Authorization. If it is still on warrentee; ie, under 1 year probably, LG will repair it or send you a new one. Go to thier site for details. They can tell from the serial number how old your drive is. They will give you am RMA number and all of the particulars. But you must weigh the cost of postage verses the cost of buying a new drive.