Focus error message in car cd player

hi all,

i though id ask a car code error message from the cd player. i have a '96 pontiac grand am with a factory cd player. original cd’s play fine. cd’s ive burned 99% of the time, i get a focus error message from the player.

is this a burning problem, cheap cdr’s, cd player problem ? the same cd’s i try in the grand am work fine in my crown vic after market sony cd player and all other players as far as i know so far.

i have musicmatch jukebox as the burner with a yamaha crw8424e, pIII866 w/256 megs memory, 60gb hd.

any suggestions would be helpful.

thanks in advance.

I use TY’s (Fugi) blank cd’s, and Feurio! software if I am going to play a disk in the car. My player is a POS and I have a few boomboxes that I play them in and and they always play. Try it !:wink: