I was watching foam machines and how ultra-simple it is to make one:

So, rather than soaping a public fountain to make gobs of foam (they don’t seem to like that), I whipped up my own foam machine in about 5 minutes. Within less than a minute, I had more foam than I really wanted in my house! hehe The cats were unimpressed.

I hooked my shop vac hose to the blow side, put a sock over the end, inserted the spray end of a hand-held pump-up garden sprayer along with it, and I had foam. Lots of foam.

Well now… I also have a very powerful floor fan that is just about the size of a burlap bag or pillow case (course cloth makes more “dry” foam). Too bad it’s winter, but spring is coming - gonna make my house a giant “spittle bug”!


All you need now is for the world foam shortage to hit and you’ve got it made!!! :bigsmile:


I was thinking of the growing foam ‘dessert pudding’ in SLEEPER, battling Woody Allen for control of the kitchen. “Where’s a broom when you need it?”

[QUOTE=ChristineBCW;2712421]I was thinking of the growing foam ‘dessert pudding’ in SLEEPER, battling Woody Allen for control of the kitchen. “Where’s a broom when you need it?”[/QUOTE]

hehe I just watched that a few weeks ago. There are a bunch of old Woody Allen / Diane Keaton movies on Youtube right now.


Hey, I got a question on a different subject: What’s with all the spam on a bunch of posts here now? Mine has it and I did not put it there. I also notice some spam from someone who just signed up today. Typical of spammers.

Just curious.

Woah! Nevermind, it’s all gone now. Good job cleaning up. Much appreciated.


I didn’t notice. I always blame Wombler, though. Doesn’t everyone?

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Back decades ago when I was in a band, I was the one who had the most free time, early in a gig… our guitarist always liked starting the show with a song with a long intro… as the vocalist I simply didn’t care enough to object but since I wasn’t tied up with a guitar or surrounded with a drum kit AND as the most “Tech-savvy” I always handled any “special effects”…

Just so long as I didn’t get up to the mic all out of breath…

Usually this was a large tub filled with water warmed with a couple of large immersion heaters and 10-15lbs of dry ice to generate fog pouring off the drum riser.

This worked great until someone else got the bright ide of dumping a
bottle of liquid dishwashing soap into the hot water…

ever see what 15gallons of hot water, a quart of Palmolive and 15lbs
of dry ice will do?

As A guess I’d say it generated 200 cubic YARDS of soap foam in just a
few minutes.

[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2712511]…it generated 200 cubic YARDS of soap foam…[/QUOTE]
From Woody Allen to a very clean swimming pool in Doris Day’s backyard…

This is hilarious!


Add wind… and all you need is James Garner driving up in his red '63 Buick convertible.

He needs a shark fin sticking up out of the foam.

The foam maker r&d goes on every evening as I eliminate everything that does not work (I love r&d).

I tried to use my hand-held dirt devil carpet vac, after some internal sealing in a few key places, to be a foam machine. It failed. Cloth bag too fine. Even without the bag, soap-water sprayed right into the input still doesn’t seem to make it through. hmmm…

We have been talking about making one from a large shop fan. The kind that is chest high with wheels on it. That would make one hell of a foam machine.