i dont think ive seen any discussion about fmd-rom (fluorescent multi-layer disc) in any of the forums here at cdfreaks. wondering if anyone knows anything about this format.

seems promising to me…but i havent been able to find much more information about it. anyone heard anything? supposedly its supposed to be able to hold up to 140 gigs per disc! :eek:

Every now and then, you read something about it on the net… but nothing that’s really telling us specifications and when it becomes available… too bad since this enormous capacity is something I really like :slight_smile:

140 GB !!! :eek: :eek:

Once read about something similar that could hold up to 1 TERAbyte. My guess is that companies keep it a way so they can make profit on DVD first.

Once read about something similar that could hold up to 1 TERAbyte

i heard something similar. that when fmd-rom first came out, it would be around 100 gigs…then they would eventually expand capacity to a terabyte. imagine that! talk about a portable hard drive. talk about backing up your dvds perfectly on one disc! :eek:

140 gigs, well i got close with 32 gigs on a cd here.:wink:

My legs shake when I think on how much data kwkard would fit on a FMD if somebody gave him one… :eek:

hehe, i am the overburning master.