FM 801 WHQL drivers

Does anyone knows where to download WHQL drivers for my FM 801 sound card ?
I have browse throught ForteMedia’s site but te driver is not certified.

Hi dude!
there’s a little hint:
i have bought a fm801as card for AMAX but with windows 2000 pro the card seems to scratch audio on ut2003 beta. then i did a little search and found that ABIT has a card similar to mine: its name is AU10. i downloaded the update drivers and installed… and it really works! the abit’s au10 drivers are the only whql certified for fm801 family that i have found!
goto abit’s ftp and have a nice day!

Thanks a lot mike !

Hey Mike ! The drivers are not WHQL !
Are you sure your drivers are WHQL ?

Mike, can you tell me which driver you choosed which is WHQL ? There are several dates and I don’t know which one is the WHQL one.

Ver 2001/12/04 in the section AU10 of “previous drivers” as you mentioned, or look in

and you’ll find “Audio Adapters and AC97 Codec”

look into the “AU10” link, “multimedia” section and you’ll find the latest AU10 driver for all platforms…
don’t regard if it’s whql, for me if the sound is really best and doesn’t sound crappy it’s certainly whql… WHQL is a sucky thing… wonder if you have to program a driver with such limitations as Windows gives… the sound is OK? good!
…isn’t whql? so you have to buy a crappy damn Creative card and spend a very lot of money but’s isn’t in my pocket and i love “functional, rocks and costs less”…
have fun!

Are you sure your drivers are WHQL? I have downloaded the same driver as yours but it is not WHQL. To check it, do to DirectX Diagnostics and see whether the driver is signed. It does sound good but I need WHQL drivers.

liteonmania, i have read your post… why do you want at any cost a driver that is whql? i have found on the web and with my retailer that fortemedia will NEVER make whql drivers because they stop OEM support for FM801xx chip. Instead, as you can imagine, companies like Abit has made drivers (that are in fact oem Fortemedia drivers!!! with some patches for the good sound, indeed) but they aren’t WHQL. But what is the problem? Don’t expect a WHQL driver when it will never be released… :slight_smile:
So, if you like the perfect sound of your FM801xx card, don’t regard abuot WHQL and enjoy the perfect sound… i use win2k and the sound drivers you know, and don’t have any problems (i use DirectX 8.1!!!).
Let me know your impressions and decisions,

P.S.: is the need of WHQL a sort of physiological need? like the blu sticker on Chiquita bananas? :)))

Originally posted by mike2002
P.S.: is the need of WHQL a sort of physiological need? like the blu sticker on Chiquita bananas? :)))

LMAO :bigsmile:

Seriously, WHQL means absolutely nothing. 90% of the time, newer non-WHQL drivers work better than their “certified” counterparts. Don’t sweat it - it’s not a big deal.

I agree with you that no-WHQL drivers are good especially newer ones but some games does require WHQL drivers to run properly.

Does any play TCM 2003 ?