Flying Dutchman new keyboard campain 2004



Originally posted by Flying Dutchman
[B]My keyboard is missing a few keys. Its like 8 years old.

Q W E _ T _

annoying, but its atleast a quiet keyboard. [/B]

Poor FD, typing away like mad helping out the good folk at CD Freaks with a broken keyboard… :sad:

Actual picture of FD’s bandaged
fingers after typing three posts in a row:

So please! Stop the madness, let’s buy FD a new keyboard before he loses his fingers!!! :bigsmile:


I got some spares here. Whenever he finds the time to drop by my house , i’ll make sure he gets a keyboard.


Cheap buggers! Look at his poor hands!!! :sad:


lol, you guys… :bigsmile:


No, I’m serious! A nice keyboard is cheap! I will commit $5 (via paypal) forward as the first donation! :iagree:


Methinks we should get him a Quinkey keyboard so he doesn’t need to move his broken hand so much :wink:


That would work fine as well. :iagree: