.flv to mp4, file size?



I’m trying to convert .flv flash files to .mp4. I just got done running my first conversion and it looks like it might be a little messed up (no big deal as I already searched for threads here about it and have some other programs in mind to try). I am wondering about the amount of compression in general though. I know it depends on the quality of the original, exactly what type of mp4 but I’m just looking for a ballpark idea, as I’m not that familiar with .flv files.

For instance, if I am converting mpeg 2 to mp4, I know that the mp4 can be a lot smaller with equal quality as it has a lot better compression. Exactlly how much smaller is of course going to very. Just a ball park idea. Does .flv have litte, medium or high compression (am I looking to go to a smaller size because of the high compression of mp4, about the same, or maybe bigger)?