Flv to Avi encoding

Hello i have a problem with flv files. I have a plugin in my firefox so i can download videos from for example youtube or google to my hard disk. Completed files are flv (flash video encoded by ffmpeg) - i have an flv player (riva) and i want to convert that FLV files to avi in possible good quality. I’ve tried to use two kind of programs - first Riva flv encoder but it doesn’t work. Second program is SUPER (Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer). Encoded files works but voice runs slower than video, maybe someone could give me an example of preferences and what codec should I use and what should I do whit this??

I did this with a program but forgot what the name was, it wasn’t free but I did the trial and it worked. It was something like super video converter or something. The best freeware to use is a linux on this I heard it was very simple to convert then.


If you look carefully in VideoDowloader 2.0 window you will notice that the second “download line” button refers to save the video as an avi file. No need for any conversion software at all.


thanks - so i must download 2.0 version instead 1.0 i have :stuck_out_tongue:

Where I can get video downloader 2.0 - I’ve searched many sites and no results :frowning: Can you give me a link with this?


Try here: http://javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php


Hi, You can try Moyea Flash to Video Converter to convert flv to avi, it works perfectly.

You may want to look at this too:http://keepvid.com/ There is a little guide over at videohelp.com

just try this for good result : http://www.apecsoft.com/

i use flash to video encoder

I use PRO of this.
thats actually great

I suggest flv to video converter.

thanks! =)

I recently got a program called “Total Video Converter”. I haven’t played with it too much, but it’s pretty robust, and supports more formats than most of the others. There are abundant quality settings available.


The few things I have done with it have turned out pretty well, quality-wise. But I’d suggest converting to MPG-2 instead of AVI. Saves time and trouble and is more than adequate for web videos.

just see this FLV converter site. newly realeased
article is How to convert FLV to AVI with this FLV to AVI/WMV/MPEG Converter


Forget every other software, download this its free - open source and convert flv to avi with ease: