.flv To Audio

Hello, I wanted know how can I convert a .flv video (e.g. You Tube one) into an audio file (mp3 or wav).


flv extract will separate the A/V, leaving you a MP3 file

[quote=CopperTomato;2031422]Hello, I wanted know how can I convert a .flv video (e.g. You Tube one) into an audio file (mp3 or wav).

Total Video Convert will convert MP3 from .flv to any format audio (wav, mp3…mobile, msavi, mpeg…

This is how I do this.
I use the YouTube Downloader available at YouTube site.
Connvert the URL with it .This will be a .flv file.
Then with the YouTube Downloader select Convert Video.
Put in the .flv you created then in the convert to pulldown choose one of the available formats .
Convert to same folder.
Then if you want to put it on a DVD disc(will only work with some file formats)
Open the chosen format in the Source File.Create a destination folder.A VIDEO_TS file will be created.
I create an empty AUDIO_TS it the same Folder as the VIDEO_TS .
Then put these in your DVD burning program.
I use CloneDVD2 but I’m sure most others would work.

Why don’t you use just a tool??? I think it is much practice and easy…:stuck_out_tongue: Few days ago I got a new software, Audials One, it has a lot of features, it downloads videos from internet, it converts the files into the formats I want, it also rip web radio stations, extract the audio from video etc. You may try it here:iagree:

My previous post was if you wanted to play it in your DVD & would give you the video.
For just audio I would still use the YouTube Downloader.DL the .flv then use Super to convert to Audio only.
The YouTube Downloader will convert to a .mp3 but Super gives a lot more control of the conversion.
This is all freeware above.
To rip music from web radio stations (which i seldom do)I use StreamRipper with winamp.Also freeware.


I use Videoraptor from Audials package both to download the files and to convert them in various audio formats (MP3, WMA. WAV).
It’s quite good

I’m a new user of this Videoraptor, I’ve just got it form a blog which gave some free licenses for this tool. And as a new user of it I can say that I really like it, especially cause I didn’t download videos from YouTube till now :o :bigsmile: