Fluxored 4163b or just bad media


I’ve some weird probs with my newly acquired 4163b.

  1. It writes DVD+R without fuss, but they cannot be read by either my 4163b or my liteon 165h. MID is PRODISKR03

  2. My liteon have some probs recognising DVD-R burnt by the 4163b. The MIDs of the DVD-R tried are NANYAJ001 and LONGTEN.

Is it the burner or just bad media?

Most likely just bad media. I have some Datawrite Yellow DVD+R with a Prodisc R03 MID and they don’t work in any of my drives properly.

I suggest you try some better media like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Ricoh and see if your drive works properly with them.

What kills me is how come the 4163b can write to the PRODISKR03, but cannot read it afterwards. Weird!!!

Have you got the latest firmware for the LG4163 its currently 1.03.

heh… it’s easier to write than to read… look in the book stores :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously may drives can complete the burn but due to focus or tracking errors the discs will be unreadable.

Using latest f/w 1.03

focus or tracking error -> crap media or crap burner?

Media problem…

I had similar issues with Mistumi 4x DVD+Rs. I burned 4 yesterday. Three of them are not readable even though the burning process was successful according to Nero.
A read test done by DVDInfo showed a whole bunch of bad blocks after the first 6~7 hundred MBs.

same here.
Have you tried other DVD+R?