FluxDVD (Used by CinemaNow)

CinemaNow (also AllAdultChannel) provides DVD download and burn service.
They used the technology by FluxDVD, a german company.
I tried to make a backup copy. However, I was unsuccessful.

Does anyone know how to do this?
Please help me out here.

*AnyDVD rip
AnyDVD + Decryptor
AnyDVD + DVD Fab

I don’t think it works on downloaded movies.

yes they do.
try going to cinemanow.com
then download and burn the free sample.

i could not rip it with any program.
please help here.

no, anydvd does not work with downloaded movies. you’re probably looking at a DRM issue rather than a copy protection decryption issue. unforutnately that’s an area i kow nothing about.

i’m also not familiar with the service you’e mentioned. can you post a link or explain more about it? basically, if it’s a service that lets you download movies to your computer, then the programs you listed aren’t going to do anything for you. those programs are for ripping from a commercial copy protected dvd to your hard drive.

That’s what I thought too. The best suggestion on what you want to do is google it…

sorry maybe i did not explain it enough.
you download and burn a DVD.
the output is a burned DVD.


Burn Demo
Burn Service Explanation
FluxDVD (techonology supplier)

from the cinemanow site

  1. Can I burn videos to a DVD?
    Not currently. Your DVD player will not be able to read the information properly since our videos use a special security protection.

from the fluxdvd site:

fluxDVDs use a Microsoft Windows Media compatible DRM scheme that allows easy integration into exiting server- and client side MS DRM environments. Burned DVD-Rs use an updateable, sophisticated DMCA copy protection.

so in short, yes, it is a DRM issue and I think we’re approaching a legal issue as well.

Please See Above Thread #6.
Thank You.

the dvd is not meant to be ripped because of microsoft DRM not because of any copy protection. this is a DRM issue that none of the listed programs will be able to help you with.

personally, i wouldn’t waste my money “purchasing” something crippled with DRM. companies and services like that will never learn if people keep giving them money.

basically you bought something that you can only have on that one disc (assuming you can’t re-burn the original files…can you?) This is somewhat of a scam if you ask me. even if it’s legal, you’re still getting screwed.

Dear Reasonsnotrules

First of all, thank you for your time to reply this thread.
Free demo trial is available. Please try and if you can help me here, that would be great.

The files downloaded has DRM but after they are burned to a DVD.
There is no DRM in DVD format. I was wondering if there is a way to rip this burned DVD. Thank you

Are you sure? If the DVD is CPRM protected by this Flux software you cannot copy it. AFAIK AnyDVD (or any other program) does not crack CPRM.

If there is some other form of DVD copy protection (ie this CPRM) that can be applied to video DVDs and cannot be copied, why doesn’t everyone use it?

Did a little more reading - I see that CPRM only applies to writeable media, and isn’t compatible with all writers/players. I can see why it isn’t widely used.

it says you can play it on your tv…enough said.

Save the download burn it twice.

Sorry, the quote message thing doesn’t work for me.
Why is it only applicable to writable media?
Is there any special error writing technology?

Re: FluxDVD (Used by CinemaNow)

Did a little more reading - I see that CPRM only applies to writeable media, and isn’t compatible with all writers/players. I can see why it isn’t widely used.

Try tunebite platinum to remove drm from music and or video
check HERE

Do a google search for CPRM. It’ll pull up a bunch of stuff. There was a big page on Intel’s site that had a lot of info on CPRM, CPPM, and some other copy protection schemes.

It took a while, here is the answer:

1.) Disable AnyDVD
2.) Use CloneCD to make a copy

I have not been able to copy this disc, using any of the methods described in this thread. Did anyone actually get any of these to copy a FluxDVD protected disc?

Any help would be great!!