Flushing Buffers question



it says Flushing Buffers before the end of the burn process then finishes… is Flushing Buffers necessary?, what is Flushing Buffers?


Buffers are just another name for RAM or a place of temporary storage. When you buy a hdd or optical drive, it has a small buffer size (RAM really), not exactly the same kind like the motherboard uses, anyhow, flushing buffers means getting rid of anything left over in memory. Lets say you wanan burn something back to back, you dont want anything from a previous burning session resident…right? Hope that helps some.


alright so im guessing its a good thing when clone uses it at the end?



It’s normal behavior if thats what you’re asking. A good burning software will probably do it.


Hi there. I have used Clonecd before but have just found out about Clony. Have tried this succesfully, still just a novice though, but also get the “flushing buffers” comment at end of burning. How long should this display for as I am seeing this for some minutes and eventually rebooting PC to quit?
Do I need to change any settings?
p.s. also new at subscribing to forums.