Fluctuating buffer speeds in Nero

I know that other have brought this up before, but I can’t seem to find a satisfactory resolution for the problem.

I use Nero 6 to archive my files on DVD-R. In the last few days my DVD burner (a Samsung SN-324B FireWire burner inside a LaCie shell) has started to burn DVDs a LOT slower than usual. What used to take a quarter of an hour now takes an hour and a half.

While the device’s buffer level indicator at the bottom of the screen used to remain stable, it now fluctuates wildly (constantly veering from 90% to 8% to 60% etc.). The Used Read buffer stays at 100% the whole time. The Writing Speed is stable too.

DMA is definitely enabled (also just to make sure I uninstalled the device’s IDE channel as well as the device itself). Nothing in my system has changed - it’s just started doing this out of nowhere.

Any assistance would be appreciated!


i have the same problem,but i have the TTST corp TS-H552B with firmware ga04,please Any assistance would be appreciated!


try to install nero 7014.

Nero 7 have many issues not solved, so updating to nero 7 can be a wrong idea.

Try to do a burst rate test to see what speed have your firewire connection: simply insert a recorded DVD on your drive and run CD-DVD Speed. Then select menu Run Test --> Burst Rate.