Florida police crack down on counterfeit goods



I just posted the article Florida police crack down on counterfeit goods.

Peer-to-peer Internet piracy first became popular during the days of Napster, but has now evolved into a much larger problem for copyright groups looking to keep stranglehold on revenue and content streams.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/florida-police-crack-down-on-counterfeit-goods-34291/](http://www.myce.com/news/florida-police-crack-down-on-counterfeit-goods-34291/)

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It’s official, MPAA and RIAA are now the official sponsers of this has been website.


Nothing new. Ever since people around here got their hands on cheap ass sealing equipment i have seen tons and tons of resealed counterfieted dvd movies and programs at local flea markets.

There are even people who sell movies that haven’t been released on dvd yet! They download them, burn them on dvd’s (mostly crappy purple cheap ass dvd’s), print out some dvd cover on their deskjet and seal it. They put on a pricing sticker and it “seems to look like something out of a normal shop”.

Some of those are even more crafty with their sealing equipment and sell little resealed bags filled with lego, playmobil or other junk. It’s like you’re not on a flea market, but in some very cheap ass worthless discount store that even couldn’t afford bar code stickers.

My guess is that next these morons will get a barcode printer + scanner and start acting like a local supermarket…

Sometimes flea markets have little gems. I have found several working 1950’s and 60’s radios or old VHS tapes with rare strange tv series.


Florida is the capital of phone fraud in the USA why don’t the stop this. 90 percent of all phone calls I have ever got trying to run a scam came from Florida.