Florida Anti-Bestiality Law Proposal Fails Again



Just over a week ago, we discussed how the State of Florida was struggling with animals – specifically, the tendency of Florida residents to fornicate with them. There really ought to be a law, you know?

But Florida, along with about a dozen other states, doesn’t have one. It’s been the passion of Democratic State Senator Nan Rich to correct this matter, and yesterday, the Florida legislature finally had its chance. You can guess what happened next!

So, instead, you have a whole state, frequented by children, where people can, if they like, sex up a goat. What about the debate was going to be ickier than that?

As it turns out, there was a very specific reason why this failed to pass. You are just not going to believe this nonsense!

I figure it is that some in Florida government does not want to give up there sex with there goats, sheep, dog, or Alligators


Maybe it is the discovery that some people may be a lot more Neanderthal than previously known, and people are covering their butts (access to them):iagree:. I have seen these people at Walmart. Science is catching up with observation.:eek: