Floppy problem

I need to made a copy of a amiga disk (820kb) with a pc, but I have an error when I acces to the disk:(
there is some prg how can help me?:confused:
thanks for all



Have you tried a Amiga Simulator ???


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yes I try Winuae with most patch, but don’t work. I don’t know if is win xp or any other problem.
I see your reply Mr. Belvedere and I try to use uae for dos (sorry but i don’t know the amiga world:) ) I will make you know if it works or no

no, no, no… nothing to be done in dos mode. I’ve also tried to install vmware and to create a 98 system inside xp and to launch winaue but nothing still.
I think that I exaggerated to pretend to make to work an emulation of SO inside another emulation;) ,but it is beautiful to experiment