Floppy drive won't stop rattling!


i had a similer problem like the person above, but the only time where my floppy gets crazy and starts rattling and roaring is when i was shutting down my pc, the floppy drive won’t rattle like the world is ending, then windows would give me a message telling me that “CCAPP.EXE” is ending please wait

i already did what the website recommands, but my floppy drive is still rattling when i shut down my pc, heck when i access my floppy drive when there’s no floppy, it would starts rattling too, the drives reads floppy just fine though, that is, when there is a floppy drive inside…

so my questions are:

-all this rattling my floppy drive is doing, is the drive going to sustain damage? physically?

-how do i stop this?

thanks for helping.

CCAPP.exe is related to norton and will often give windows a hard time when shutting down. I finally got rid of norton when CCAPP.exe would randomly use 100% cpu power and need to be killed via task manager constantly.

it is normal for floppy drives to make a bunch of extra noise when they try to access a disk and no disk is present. also, norton will try to scan the floppy when windows first starts and when you shut down. a quick way to stop this is to disable the floppy in device manager then re-enable only when you need to use it…but this can be a pain if you use floppies a lot