Floppy Disks

Hi! Does anyone know how can i copy a protected floppy diskette? :slight_smile:

remove the little tab in the corner

That only stops someone writing to the disc, it shouldn’t prevent copying from.

What sort of message do you get manos when you try to copy from the disc?

To copy the disk i use Diskcopy and when it gets to 60% it says that cannot read the sector … .

woops, i misread the question. I dunno about the floppy though, it is possible that the disk is damaged. I havent heard of a protected floppy disk.

Right click, properties, tools, error checking. check both boxes and pray alot. (naked burning incense works best) Lava lamps have been known to help also.
If it’s an older drive a cleaner disk can’t hurt.

Try one of the data recovery softwares. There are many. Badcopypro is one good one.